Is it possible to create something close to what we expect from normal milk based cheese, its flavor and texture? Is vegan cheese a healthy alternative? Here’s what you need to know if you haven’t looked into vegan cheese before.


Vegan cheese could be a solution to problems concerned with dairy intolerances and allergies apart from being an obvious dairy alternative for vegans.


If you have recently turned vegan, it would be an excellent idea to understand what vegan cheese is, as you get used to the new diet regime with alternative options.


Isn’t it amazing because you could still enjoy those vegan pizzas, pasta, tacos and other wide range of foods with vegan cheese?


Usually, changing your diet becomes more difficult as you need to say goodbye to the comfort foods that you’re used to indulging in. Many people who have turned vegan say it’s more difficult for them to avoid cheeses than meat.


So what exactly is vegan cheese? It’s made using different plant-based ingredients which is completely dairy-free, to mimic the flavours and textures of various milk based cheeses available in the market.


Vegan cheese is usually made out of soy protein, solidified vegetable oils, nuts, nutritional yeast and pea proteins.


One of the major ingredients in vegan cheese is nutritional yeast, which gives that nutty, rich flavour that cheese imparts.


You can now get a wide variety of vegan cheeses - some of them are:


Mozzarella cheese

 Probably one the most popular cheeses, they come in grated and as blocks, which can be sprinkled on pizzas, added to casseroles or on tacos.


Cheddar cheese

These are great options for sandwiches, burgers, crackers etc.


Cream cheese

These are used as a spread on toasts, crackers, bagels. Cream cheeses are also used to make different vegan desserts for a creamy nutty cheesy flavour, but could also be added to various sauces.


Parmesan cheese

These can be shredded or grated to give that transitional nutty flavour to pasta, salads, pizza etc.


Camembert cheese

This is one of the soft cheeses which can be eaten with different accompaniments like crackers, olives, grapes etc.


    Cheese, in general, is not considered very healthy. So is vegan cheese healthy? Well, it depends on the ingredients, the composition and the process used to make them. Especially if you are a newbie to a plant-based diet, it is always advised to understand the ingredients even if it says vegan.


    It’s natural to get confused over brands, and varieties. At the end of the day, you need a healthy alternative to the non-vegan options, right? Look for Non-GMO ingredients, products without preservatives and harmful additives.


    Additionally, always use these kinds of foods with different plant-based, whole foods to make it nutritious and healthy.


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