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    Vegan Cheezy Green Mushrooms

    Try this cheezy mushroom dish which works well as a light lunch, impress guests at a dinner party or used as a side dish. View Post
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    Augratin with Spinach, Artichokes, Beans And Vegan Grated Cheese

    Try this vegetable and cheese gratin which is a perfect meal for any midweek or lazy Sunday dinner. We think it looks great and tastes wonderful using a vegan grated cheese that actually melts. View Post
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    Party Veggie Pouches

    When you have guests coming and you know some of them are vegan's, and if you're not, it can be quite hard to consider their needs. Well, this filo pastry veggie pouch recipe does the trick. It looks great and tasty lovely. View Post
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    Jacket Potato with Vegan Cheese

    Everyone loves a good Jacket Potato, so here's our recipe which uses vegan cheese topping. This meal is perfect for a midweek lunch or dinner. View Post
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    Vegan Wonton Filled with Veggies and Vegan Grated Cheese

    For something a bit different, try this Asian Wonton recipe which is filled with veggies and vegan grated cheese. This dish is a perfect show-off recipe either for a dinner party or your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. View Post