Greek White Block + Mediterranean Style Block + Original Flavour Creamy + Original Flavour Block



Cosy up to a morning, afternoon, or late-night snack by topping off crackers and avocado, melting over nachos, chopping up and eating by the cube, or indulging in a Vegan Cheesecake Smoothie. Yum!

Also suitable super quick vegan snack ideas for school, or at work and works perfectly for making vegan savoury snacks.

You save over 15% with our vegan savoury Snack Bundle or subscribe and save 20% in total. This bundle pack contains 4 Violife vegan cheese products which we believe is perfect for the munches.



See each product for ingredients, allergy, dietary and nutritional details.


Disclaimer: When is a cheese not a cheese? When it’s Violife!
All Violife products are real cheese alternatives, which are free from dairy.